My Superbowl XLVI Experience

I was born and raised in Indianapolis, took frequent trips to Bloomington, West Lafayette, other towns around Indiana, but mainly stayed pretty settled in my families one-story, Eastside home of which I shared a room with my older sister for several years. I remember traveling to Colts games at the RCA Dome, and Pacers games at Market Square Arena.  I took notice of several USA olympic teams that positioned themselves in Indianapolis (USA Track & Field, USA Diving, and USA Gymnastics) and of course, I was never too far from the sights and sounds of the Indianapolis 500. It is evident that Indianapolis does large sporting events, heck the Indy 500 boost the largest single event crowd. So when I first learned of the Superbowl coming to Indianapolis I knew it would be a success. What I didn’t know, is how successful.

Over the past few days I’ve read article after article about the amazing job and impression Indianapolis left on the country, and I am finally proud that American’s have seen and take in what I am proud to call my hometown.

The streets filled with people on Saturday, the night before the big game.

But my personal experiences and the opportunities I was given throughout the week are too good to be true, and the fact that I was able to be at some of these events is still making me pinch myself.

The first big day: Tuesday night, Pacers vs. Nets game.
For my job with the Indiana Pacers we tend to focus on the human interest side of things, so we cover topics that people can relate to. And who doesn’t enjoy seeing familiar faces in the crowd of pacers games? I was able to meet and interview, along with my co-workers Tricia Whitaker and Hannah Godby, a handful of people who came out to watch a local NBA game.

  • Ron Jaworski (ESPN NFL Analyst)
  • Deion Branch (Wide Receiver for the New England Patriots)
  • Dustin Keller (Tight end for the New York Jets)
  • Maurice Jones-Drew (running back for the Jacksonville Jaguars)
  • Ahmad Bradshaw (running back for the New York Giants)
  • Brandon Jacobs (running back for the New York Giants)
  • Hakeem Nicks (wide receiver for the New York Giants)
  • Mike Epps (comedian/movie star/director)

Mike Epps

And that was all just in a nights work!

But my big events came Thursday night, at the Ea Sports Madden Bowl, and on Friday night at the Superbowl Playboy Party. 

I met, chatted, said hello, touched, stared at, or mildly stalked (yes…mildly) the following:

Ticket into Madden Bowl

  • Merril Hodge
  • Michelle Beadle
  • Colin Coherd
  • Drew Brees
  • Tim Tebow
  • Tim Tebow and Michelle Beadle

  • Jimmy Graham
  • Deion Sanders
  • Michael Strahan
  • Warren Sapp
  • Donavon McNabb
  • Plaxico Burress
  • Nas

Nas & The Roots

  • The Roots

At the EA Sports Madden Bowl

  •  ABOVE was from EA Sports, BELOW is from Playboy:
  • Aaron Rodgers

When I couldn't find Abby...

  • Clay Matthews
  • Jessica Szohr
  • Jon Hamm

Rodgers and Jon Hamm just casually hanging out with us...

  • Mechad Brooks

Hanging out with EGGS from True Blood!

  • Chris Evans
  • Shaq
  • Brandon Smith (Disney star)
  • LMFAO dudes
  • Ne-Yo

After the big game, which I watched at the Pan Am Plaza that overlooked the lovely Super bowl Village, my friends and I wandered over to the after party of Victor Cruz (how this all came about was still somewhat a mystery seeing that we were briefly in a hotel room…but moving on…, the party was spun by DJ Suss One and had a lot of champagne involved. Props to the Giants on winning the Super Bowl. Eli makin’ us proud.

Overall, it was a weekend that despite ALL of that excitement, I still made my way to West Lala to watch the Hoosiers defeat the Boilermakers.

The picture we asked a Purdure fan to take after IU won...obviously he stood up and gave us the best picture quality. Oh wait...

Win-win-win-win of a week and one that is going to make me have to sit out a few of the upcoming weekends to recover.

IU wins at Mackey, 78-61, first time in six years!

PS; as embarrassing as this might be….I think it’s pretty hilarious that of all people at the Playboy party my friends, Annie, Abby, Jessica, and myself made an appearance in the video on the Playboy website. (I warn you…we thought he was taking a picture so our fake dancing is horrendous.)

Until the next time I have something half bragging, half embarrassing to post…



  1. Sean Breslin · February 8, 2012

    Looks like it was a heck of a week…I’m jealous. Great blog!

  2. astumpf · February 8, 2012

    I want to be you when I grow up! So proud of my little Peek!

  3. Colleen · February 9, 2012

    I love this! What a great weekend and glad I could share it with you!

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