The Lorax: A Cautionary Tale


So in the midst of my FUNemployment I’ve been watching a plethora of TV shows and movies. This morning I chose ‘The Lorax’ via Netflix and was surprised at how entertaining I found it. The “Let it Grow” song segment was stellar and I wasn’t as annoyed by Taylor Swift because I didn’t actually see her face (As my friend Shelby said today “I pretend to hate Taylor, but I secretly like her,” and she was right. I do the same thing. Sorry Tay.)

But I took the underlining message of the movie to be more than just an environmental warning. Global warning has been at topic up for debate for years. What is more the surprising part of the movie is the dig at corporate greed and the influence that large corporations have on the environment. Dr. Suess really pulled out all the stops with that one. (Although I’m unsure how much the message would be retained from members of the youth.)

Kyle Ayers, a writer for CBS put it into better words than I could here:

“The fable isn’t subtle, nor should it be. Seuss personifies industry as a whole with the Once-ler, to draw interest and attention to unchecked corporate greed as a threat to nature. The Lorax sounds the warning siren, but is ignored, as environmental groups often are, until it’s too late.”


How often do we see environmental groups being pushed to the wayside? Whether it be oil drilling, non-preservation of land resources or the most ignored subject of overpopulation: all these topics do not get as much attention paid as deserved.

The Lorax is not as happily portrayed as much of Suess’ other works are(Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham), but it is realistic and still ends with a optimistic approach. Ayers mentions a fine point: The Lorax is a story talking about the preservation of trees and punishing a man for ruining the tree source. Yet it is a book, and what is needed for books to be produced? Yes, exactly trees.

What is life, Suess’. Can’t please ’em all.


One comment

  1. surutham · January 25, 2013

    I do agree with you! Lorax was a great movie!! Thank you for posting the quote

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