Let’s Talk about West

I am coming out of my blogging retirement for one man, and one man only….Kanye West.

Mr. West Is In The Building

Mr. West Is In The Building

(Honestly – I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile, so I thank you Mr. West for piquing my interest enough to finally dust off the ol’ Word Press and finally get my fingers moving in a more creative worthwhile way.)

I had a discussion with one of my good friends this A.M about Kanye’s lyric towards worldwide popstar and cat lady Taylor Swift. I won’t disclose said friend but she may be the biggest Swifty I know. (Disclaimer – I too am a Taylor fan, which may be ‘shocking’ to some after what I want to say on this issue). Kanye debuted “The Life of Pablo” during his Yeezy Season 3 fashion show in front of a sold out crowd at Madison Square Garden yesterday, February 11. Can we just take a real quick pause and realize how monumental that sentence alone is. Kanye designed a fashion show to run at MSG. Anna Wintour was at a fashion show at MSG. Olivier Rousteing co-designed the outfits the Kardashian/Jenner girls wore with Kanye and they wore them in MSG. (But where was Saint West??? Does that kid actually exist? I’m invested in this due to the fact we share a birthday and are both ~*SaGiTtArIuS*~). But I digress. Kanye had a lyric about Taylor:

“I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch famous”

Now the internet is set a blaze with rumors, speculation, publicist bullshit and the like. Even Swift’s younger brother threw away his pair of Yeezy’s. HE THREW THEM AWAY. That’s the most sacrilegious thing I’ve seen on the internet as of late and I saw a lot of things recenetly on the internet. But the most common factor is individuals saying that West added this line to the album for ‘shock value’. What Kanye is doing, has done and will continue doing for years is nothing close to shock value. And I say this because people will continue to analyze, cherish and talk about literally everything Kanye does. Can we talk about the time he was trending while eating ice cream? His own beautiful, dark, twisted fantasy

Or playing Connect 4 with Beyonce?

Kanye most likely wins, right?

I’ve done both of these things within the past two weeks. Nothing about it is shocking or of value, but he is KANYE WEST. One of the biggest celebrities of our time, so no matter what he does or who he talks about or what sneakers he passes out to his famous friends, we shouldn’t take it as shocking. He’s simply living his life. He’s innovated. He’s creative. He has no limits, or filters.

During the day, and most nights and most weekends/holidays my job is marketing. Thinking of the best possible way to position brands I work with to get the best bang for their buck. To cause PR moments. To put feelings and emotions behind sports moments to create memories. And you know who I share this job with – Mr. West. Kanye west is not just an artist. He isn’t the top fashion designer in the world. But he is one of the most brilliant marketers and I would feel remiss if I didn’t notice this. The debut of the Yeezy boost took over the internet, and it’s still taking over the internet. I remember where I was when I saw my first pair IRL. I was in St. Petersburg, FL for the first race of the 2015 INDYCAR season and Tampa Bay Buccaneer Vincent Jackson was in the pits. I obviously tweeted about it:

Kanye will always be Kanye. One of the tracks he debuted yesterday had him making fun of himself for “Kanye loving Kanye”. He may not have the highest album sales. Hell – “The Life of Pablo” isn’t even officially released and people are talking about it. Articles are being written about it. The collaborations are being celebrated. And no one can even listen to the album for a second time. The streaming was so horrible via TIDAL because over 20 million people were trying to stream it. I took over a conference room in my office to watch it. And the most fascinating part about all of this – is we have literally no idea what will actually be on TLOP once it hits our favorite streaming service. We knew of some of the featured artists: Young Thug, Future, Rihanna, but some came to us as more of a surprise Andre 3000 (who was just in the studio a mere two weeks ago) and the long awaited return of Frank Ocean. This album release will continue the momentous musically driven first few weeks of 2016. And I, for one, cannot wait. Let us just hope in the weeks to come and when the album is fully finished and available for our listening pleasure people can stop being so butt hurt. I can’t even begin to talk about people crapping all over Beyonce because these people don’t deserve the character count. Long live the creative process, those who push the limits, those who entertain us and those who could care less if we are talking about them or not. (So, yes, you may ask why am I typing this right now? Because I too don’t want to be put into a box! I don’t want things to have to be watered down because of PC culture!)

The Life of Pablo is dropping today with some additional tracks.


Yeezy breezy beautiful.

UPDATE: Please visit Twitter.com/KanyeWest to see his rebuttal to comments re: Taylor Swift.


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