Indiana University
 graduate with way too many “passions” I forget to keep up with most of them. So what does that make them…fad-ssions? Fad passions? Who knows…either or, I become obsessed for weeks, go away for a bit, then bam…love them again. Nothing wrong with a little rough love.

I am a fanatic for all things IU athletics, a IU basketball season ticket holder, Passion Pride Pacers love, Colts supporter despite the off year, and a life long Yankees fan.

I dream big, and I laugh often, and I blog somewhere in between. I get lost on the Internet for hours, run to Twitter for information, and always have my phone at the ready. Communication and staying connected is key, and I hope to incorporate that in all aspects of my life.

Television shows are my other big hobby…I watch way too many. I’l leave it at that.

I’ll laugh at my own jokes and I hate wearing socks to bed. Living with five girls has help me build character, as has being a server at an Italian restaurant. Having articles published online has given me some anxiety and also some great feedback. Many of these things are about not being afraid to speak your mind and handling criticism. I use all opportunities, big or small, as a way to help advance my skill set for my future…in whatever I may wander into.

I call Indianapolis home.


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